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Don't leave it any longer to start a new job or career.

Find out today how Pitman Training can help you to earn more money and enjoy higher status jobs.

Here is the story of Lydia, one of our students who took an Executive PA course leading to a diploma.


It was Lydia's courage that enabled her to win a job - that and her Pitman Training diploma!

She had gone for an interview for the position of Executive PA to the Chairman of an international telecoms company.

At the interview she was told the job was already gone, so when she saw the Chairman walking by, she "collared him!"

"I got 5 minutes with him," she says, "and quizzed him about his knowledge of computers. He admitted he knew little about them so I explained everything I had learned at Pitman Training and he was really impressed. Then, when I explained what I could do for the company's intranet, that was the killer punch. By the end of the day, I was appointed his PA and the person who had been appointed is now my secretary!"

Lydia had spent several years in the hotel industry before settling into a pattern of temp jobs as a secretary and office manager in the construction industry.

When she wanted to get a permanent job, her long spell of temping made her CV look a little unappealing.

"I'm very ambitious and I knew I wanted to be a permanent Executive PA to a Chairman but I understand how my CV was perceived by potential employers."

"So I decided to do something positive about making myself more marketable."

"First, I looked at the PA training courses on offer and I decided to choose the Pitman Training

Executive PA Diploma because it was the best known and my investment in the course would demonstrate to potential employers that I was committed to my future."

"Second, I realised that most Executive PA's have the same skill set so I wanted to be able to offer something a little different. That's why I chose web design as one of my course 'electives.'"

Lydia put all her energy into her studies even though she was still working full time.

In only three months she achieved her Diploma with a distinction!

"So I knew I was going to be attractive to employers once I had my diploma and I also realised my choice of subjects meant I would be able to create my own job. That's how I persuaded the Chairman to hire me. Nobody else has my skill profile - I have a broad skill base plus a specialism!"

As soon as Lydia highlighted her diploma on her CV, the job offers came flooding in. In fact, she's been turning them down.

"Turning the offers down has been the hardest thing to do, but I knew where I wanted to work and my diploma has meant I could secure the job."

"The course wasn't cheap and it took a lot of hard work but it has paid off. I'm really glad I did it."


Lydia Used Her Head, Says Principal Shilpa Wymer.

Web Design Courses

I must say, I thought Lydia's angle, adding web design to her PA training, was really clever.

At the time, there were lots of people around with "vanilla" PA skills, so she used the flexibility of our training methodology to do something different and gain a competitive advantage in the jobs market.

It certainly paid off and she developed into a much prized member of her employer's team.

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Important News!

We are now a Microsoft IT Academy.

That means, alongside our nationally recognised Pitman Training qualifications, students taking courses on any Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) can also take Microsoft exams.

So now, for the first time, you can double qualify in a number of subjects!

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