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Don't leave it any longer to start a new job or career.

Find out today how Pitman Training in London and Manchester can help you to earn more money and enjoy higher status jobs.

Here is the story of Clare, one of our students who is taking a Secretary Course leading to a diploma.


'You go through secondary school and university when you suddenly find out you have no skills for the workplace," claims 24 year-old Clare Magloire.

Clare returned from Camp America to begin the long trawl of recruitment agencies, hopeful of a career in event management.

And even though she was a proud graduate with a degree in Commercial Music Production and Business Management, when she was tested for Word and Excel skills, she admits she was not good enough to impress the agencies.

So that was when her Mum suggested she should study at Pitman Training in High Holborn. After all, Mum had graduated from Pitman Training 25 years before and remained a big fan!

Clare and her Mum decided she should aim for the Pitman Training Secretarial Diploma because as Clare says, "with secretarial skills, you'll always be in demand."

Clare decided to join us because she liked the idea of being able to study when she wanted and not having to join a class.

She joined us as a two-fingered typist and through hard work quickly progressed to genuine touch typing at 45 wpm.

Having already used Word and Excel at university, Clare thought she knew them inside out, but she was surprised at how much more there was to learn.

I had to study really hard to pass my Word and Excel exams. At first I thought to myself, 'how can I fail?' but it quickly became apparent that not passing was a possibility."

"Fortunately the tutors at Holborn are really supportive and they wouldn't let me attempt the exams until they thought I was ready."

"The other thing I found really hard was 'Effective Business Communication.' It was much harder than my degree and because I'm dyslexic, it was even tougher."

"But once again, I stuck with it and got the tutors to give me a little extra help and eventually I got through it."

Before completing her secretarial diploma, Clare secured a temporary job with the International Cricket Council, which went down well with her cricket mad family!

"It was great. I wasn't at all nervous and I found I could instantly use all the skills I'd learned at Pitman Training. And the few times I got stuck, I relied on my course books to get me through."

"In fact, my work colleagues were really impressed with my Word and Excel skills and kept asking me how to do things.

Clare will graduate from High Holborn in the near future and she has already noticed that "If Pitman Training is on your CV, it's trusted."

She has enjoyed studying for her diploma but adds that "learning touch typing on its own was very valuable. It makes a difference to how much you earn. And when you add all the other skills I now have, I'm looking forward to a really interesting, well-paid career."

A Word About Clare By Shilpa Wymer, Principal.

Not sure about secretarial studies

I remember when Clare first came to visit us, bringing her mother, a big Pitman fan, along with her.

Clare was a great girl, pretty sure of herself and not entirely convinced she wanted to become a secretary after doing a high level degree.

But I just new our diploma was a perfect way for her to get into work and I think her mum agreed. It took a bit of toing and froing to get her on board but she did fabulously and never looked back.

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Secretarial Training.

If you'd like to train for a new career in London or Manchester, the first step is to call :

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Every day, several new people join us on their first step to a new career.

Inspired by our slogan, "learn more -earn more," they rely on us to deliver really practical skills that they can use immediately when they step into a new, high status job.

And our diploma courses really do prove that you've got what it takes.

Once you've graduated, you'll walk away with real skills and a sheaf of certificates to prove your worth to a new employer.

Not only that, but you'll have a small library of high quality courseware to which you can refer throughout your career.

With us, you can start a course any time you like - even today if you wish!

And because we're open till 8:00 pm most nights and all day Saturday, there's really no excuse for you to better yourself.

Come and visit us and you'll see that our students are just like you - some are nervous when they first join, some are bold and confident.

But they are all looking for that extra something to help them stand out from the crowd and really make the most out of their opportunities.

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