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Don't leave it any longer to train for a new career!

Find out today how a bookkeeping course leading to a Pitman Training Diploma can help you to earn more money and enjoy higher status jobs.

Here is the story of Ade, one of our students who is studying for his accounting technician diploma, our top bookkeeping course which leads to the level 2 AAT qualification.


It was Ade's sister who motivated him to take a hard look at his career, take control again and plan to move up the ladder.

Ade has always been ambitious and graduated with a BSc in Economics, so when he joined a TV station as a customer service agent in their call centre, he quickly made his way through the ranks to become a call centre manager.

But before long, he got the feeling that he was treading water, that he had gone as far as he could go.

That's when his sister suggested he should retrain for a better career while he was still working.

"I'd always been interested in figures and a bookkeeping course appealed. It seemed to be there was no limit to what you could achieve in that profession," Ade says.

So Ade researched the book keeping training available in London and decided to contact Pitman Training in High Holborn.

"At Pitman Training, they tested my capability and they recommended I studied for their Accounting Technician Diploma. They were so positive and supportive and I knew they were right," Ade affirms.

"But I just wasn't ready. I didn't have the confidence to get started. I kept asking myself, 'but what if I fail?'

But once again my sister urged me to give it a try, so after a while, I took the plunge and gave it a go - now I know I'll never regret it."

Ade agrees that returning to studying 10 years after graduating was very hard at first.

"And the standard at Pitman Training was so high. I'd been using Microsoft Excel for years but this was such a high level it was actually exciting to learn! It was the same with Word, too."

Sometimes Ade worried he'd never make the grade but "the staff, especially James, gave me so much support, my confidence soon came back."

Now Ade is coming to the end of his Diploma course and will soon graduate as an Accounting Technician.

"I can do bookkeeping manually or on Sage Line 50, I understand payroll and final accounts. My career looks like it's set to take off!"

Ade's confidence is now so high he's planning to sit his CIMA exams when he leaves us - the start of a glittering career in book-keeping and accounts!

And maybe the most exciting news about Ade is that he has just landed a new job as a bookkeeper, before he has even finished his diploma!

We wish him well and we're keen to see him prove the truth of our new slogan:

"Learn more, earn more!"


If you'd like to know how to make a successful career change through learning, just call us:

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Or contact us by email. We're happy to help!

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A Bookkeeping Course On A Flexible Basis.

Taking a training course with Pitman is so convenient!

We're open long hours including evenings and Saturdays and you can study on a drop-in basis - there's no rigid timetables!

Choose your course from our range of over 80 packages, start any time and study at hours to suit you. It couldn't be easier.

And every course leads to a nationally recognised certificate or diploma.

And finally, you're welcome to sample your course, free, to make sure it's right for you.

Just contact our friendly Course Advisors to find out more.

ondon Holborn - 020 7025 4700

London Notting Hill - 020 7792 5214

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Manchester - 0161 923 6814

Fabulous Student Successes!

We feel so privileged! Since taking over Pitman London Holborn in 2004, then setting up Notting Hill a year later, buying the Manchester training centre in 2010 and Croydon in 2013, we've helped at least 1000 people to either become bookkeepers for the first time or to develop their skills to improve their careers in this field.

In the last couple of years, we've enjoyed quite an increase in the number of students electing to become bookkeepers as they've decided they're not going to uni.

The choice is easy. For much, much less investment than in a degree course, you could learn all the in-depth skills you'll need with us and it will only take you a few months to get out into the world or work, earning money.

Our aim is that your diploma should pay for itself in the shortest time possible once you've started work and although we can't promise finding a job will be easy, our students have been very successful in finding good jobs.

Indeed, the noticeboards in each of our centres are full of current vacancies. Our staff trawl the job ads so you don't have to!

We are also fortunate from time to time in receiving unadvertised vacancies from emplyers eager to hire Pitman trained people because they know that can rely on our students to deliver real, practical skills at work.

Why not find out more? Just contact us!

Pitman London, (Notting Hill & Holborn), Croydon, Manchester.





AAT Qualifications

A Different Learning Experience!

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Our students frequently tell us why they like studying with us.

First of all, they like the convenience of being able to study at times to suit them.

We're open from 09:00 till 20:00 Monday to Thursday, till 16:30 on Fridays and from 10:00 - 16:00 on Saturdays.

And because our training is self-paced, you're never in a position where you're holding up the rest of a class or being held back by slower learners.

And you don't have to worry about falling behind because you've missed a class either.

Then there's our trainers. They're always there to help you when you get stuck (and everybody gets stuck sometimes!).

And finally, there's the quality of the courses.

They're really practical so that you can go back to work totally confident that you can use your new knowledge instantly.

Or if you're starting a new job, you can be effective right from day one.

Why not come and see how friendly and supportive we are?

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We're looking forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,



Shilpa Wymer